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Our Center;

Ankara Social Sciences University International Islamic Economics and Finance Application and Research Center (ULIFAM) was established in 16 July 2018 by academicians, who have in depth interest in this field, from the Faculty of Religious Studies and Departments of Economy and Business to develop a dynamic and comprehensive understanding of Islamic Economics and Finance and to contribute to implement the right values of Islamic Economics and finance in industry.  

Our Center was established to conduct researches, projects and activities for the purpose of building on a global scale an economics and finance paradigm based on participatory, solidarity, value-added production, social responsibility and universal ethics principles.

The main aim of the center is to develop the applications and products of Islamic economics and finance on national and international level, and increasing the awareness of the society in general, and among the academic circles in particulars.

The main objectives of the center are; to conduct comparative and deep researches, projects and surveys on Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs), participation banking, Islamic insurance companies (Takaful), Islamic money markets and Islamic capital markets etc.; to follow up regional and global economic and social developments; to prepare reports and briefings on structural problems, issues and opportunities in this industry; to produce new information with an interdisciplinary approach in order to develop alternative advanced application models for this purpose.